LiU and SNIC

NSC is part of Linköping University (LiU) and the Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (SNIC).

NSC is an independent center within LiU, governed by a board with members from university and industry and led by a director appointed by the university vice chancellor. NSC provides a cluster resource for the sole benefit of LiU’s researchers. This cluster and other hardware resources operated by NSC are situated in computer rooms Kärnhuset and Hangaren on campus Valla.

NSC and thereby LiU is a member of SNIC, which is a national research infrastructure providing balanced and cost-efficient resources and user support for large scale calculations and data storage. SNIC meets the needs of researchers from all scientific disciplines from all over Sweden.

SNIC is a meta-center with six partners in terms of supercomputer centres at Chalmers (C3SE), KTH (PDC), LiU (NSC), LU (Lunarc), UmU (HPC2N) and UU (UPPMAX). The centres are the providers of resources, services, support and expertise and are contact points for the users. The SNIC office (hosted by UU) forms agreements with the partners and organizes the overall partner collaboration and diversity.

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