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USA: Supercomputing Centers (and university laboratories)

(OK!) Alabama Supercomputer Authority (ASA)
(OK!) Arctic Region Supercomputing Center, Fairbanks, Alaska (ARSC)
(OK!) Center for Advanced Computing Research (CACR)
(OK!) Cornell Theory Center (CTC)
(OK!) Maui High Performance Computing Center (MHPCC)
(OK!) National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
(OK!) National Center for Supercomputer Applications (NCSA)
(OK!) National Supercomputing Center for Energy and the Environment (NSCEE)
(OK!) North Carolina Supercomputing Center (NCSC)
(OK!) Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC)
(OK!) Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC)
(OK!) San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC)
(OK!) Computational Science & Information Technology, Florida State University
(OK!) Yale Department of Computer Science

USA: Other Research Laboratories (Governmental, Military,...)

(OK!) Environmental Sciences Division, Facilities
(OK!) Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
(OK!) National Energy Research Supercomputer Center (NERSC)
(OK!) Los Alamos National Laboratory
(OK!) Advanced Computing Laboratory (ACL)
(OK!) National Aeronautics and Space Admin (NASA)
(OK!) NASA Advanced Supercomputing (NAS) Division
(OK!) National Coordination Office for High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC)
(OK!) National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
(OK!) Oak Ridge National Laboratory
(OK!) National Center for Computational Sciences (NCCS)
(OK!) Computational Science Education Project (CSEP)
(OK!) Sandia MPP Research Laboratory
(OK!) Army HPC Research Center (AHPCRC)
(OK!) Naval Research Laboratory


(OK!) Denmark: UNI-C
(OK!) Finland: Center for Scientific Computing (CSC)
(OK!) France: Centre Charles Hermite
(OK!) Germany: Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum für Informationstechnik Berlin (ZIB)
(OK!) Germany: Center for Computing, Köln
(OK!) Germany: The Paderborn Center for Parallel Computing, PC²
(OK!) Germany: Interdisziplinäres Zentrum für Wissenschaftliches Rechnen (IWR)
(OK!) Germany: HELICS, Heidelberg LInux Cluster System
(OK!) Greece: Computer Technology Institute, Athens
(OK!) Italy: CINECA
(OK!) Italy: Center for Advanced Studies, Research and Development (CRS4)
(OK!) Italy: Piedmont Supercomputing Center (CSP)
(OK!) Norway: Supercomputing Project at NTNU, Trondheim
(OK!) Norway: Para//ab, Bergen
(OK!) Sweden: National Supercomputer Centre (NSC)
(OK!) Sweden: Center for Parallel Computers, Stockholm (PDC)
(OK!) Sweden: High Performance Computing Center North, Umeå (HPC2N)
(OK!) Sweden: Unix Numeric Intensive Calculations at Chalmers (UNICC)
(OK!) Sweden: Center for Scientific and Technical Computing (LUNARC)
(OK!) Sweden: Uppsala Multidisciplinary Center for Advanced Computational Science (UPPMAX)
(OK!) Switzerland: CERN
(OK!) UK: Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre
(OK!) UK: Manchester Computing
(OK!) UK: The High Performance Computing Centre, Southampton

Rest of the world

(OK!) Australia: Parallel Computing Unit, Griffith Univ., Queensland, Australia
(OK!) Australia: Queensland Parallel Supercomputing Facility, Queensland, Australia
(OK!) Australia: Australian National University Supercomputer Facility

Lists of WWW resources related to HPC

(OK!) Top 500 Supercomputer Sites
(OK!) David A. Bader's List of Parallel Computing Sites
(OK!) List of the worlds most powerful computing sites
(OK!) National HPCC Software Exhange (NHSE)
(OK!) Research Group list (Carnegie Mellon)

Swedish groups active within High Performance Computing

 You are kindly invited to report your group to the Webmaster.
(OK!) Unix Numeric Intensive Calculations at Chalmers (UNICC)
(OK!) National Supercomputer Centre (NSC)
(OK!) Complexity of Algorithms (ACTLAB), Linköping University
(OK!) Computational Physics, Linköping University
(OK!) Numerical Analysis, Linköping University
(OK!) Programming Environment (PELAB), Linköping University
(OK!) Solid Mechanics, Linköping University
(OK!) Theoretical Physics, Linköping University
(OK!) Department of Mathematics, Luleå University of Technology
(OK!) Center for Scientific and Technical Computing (LUNARC)
(OK!) SweClim
(OK!) Rossby Centre
(OK!) Center for Parallel Computers (PDC)
(OK!) Computational Biophysics/Chemistry, Karolinska Institute
(OK!) Meteorology, Stockholm University
(OK!) Numerical Analysis and Computing Science, Royal Institute of Technology
(OK!) Plasma Physics, Alfvén Laboratory, Royal Institute of Technology
(OK!) High Performance Computing Center North (HPC2N)
(OK!) Uppsala Multidisciplinary Center for Advanced Computational Science, UPPMAX
(OK!) Materials Chemistry, Uppsala University
(OK!) Scientific Computing, Uppsala University

HPC Literature

(OK!) Accuracy and Reliability in Scientific Computing, Bo Einarsson, editor.


(OK!) High Performance Fortran
(OK!) Benchmark software
(OK!) Transputer, occam and parallel computing archive
(OK!) The LAPACK Users' Guide, Release 3.0
(OK!) PC Cluster information

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