Hi and welcome to my little page. My name is Thomas Bellman, and I work as a systems administrator here at NSC.

Software repositories


This is a Puppet module providing a number of resource types, functions, and facts, as well as a number of definitions ("macros"). These help you do things like edit text files, perform sysctl settings, configure network interfaces, configure Xen domU:s, and so on.

This is provided as a bare, non-browsable, Git repository. Use git clone git://www.nsc.liu.se/~bellman/puppet/nsc-puppet-utils.git to access its contents. It is updated when I remember.


A minor mode for showing simple presentations in GNU Emacs. Presentations are plain-text files with pages/slides separated by form-feed (Ctrl-L). Use Space and DEL, or PageDown and PageUp, to go to the next or previous page. You also need to install my interlist.el package.


"Slides" for presentations I hold are often written as plain text files, to be shown using my Emacs presentation mode above. You can view them directly in your web browser, but breaks between the pages may or may not be shown properly.