LLVM+Clang installations at NSC

Directory list:

3.2 Version 3.2 (2012-12-20)
3.3 Version 3.3 (2013-11-25)

Level of support

Tier 3 NSC will not be able to help you much with this program, either because we lack the in-house experience, or because it is a test installation. In general, these types of installations are untested, and will not be updated unless you send a request to NSC.

Please see the page describing our software support categories for more information.
You can also contact support@nsc.liu.se for further information.

The LLVM + Clang installations are generally maintained by Peter Larsson (pla@nsc.liu.se).

How to use the Clang compiler

Currently, there are no modules. You have to add the compiler bin directory to your PATH. E.g.

export PATH=/software/apps/llvm+clang/3.3/build01/bin:$PATH

Then you can compile with clang as usual:

clang -o hello hello.c

Please note that the Clang compiler installation is experimental, without any integration with the NSC environment, such as compiler wrappers and purpose-built MPIs. Also, there is not yet any OpenMP support in Clang.