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XLotto is a distributed X windows tool for monitoring batch queues, processes, and PE usage on a Cray T3E computer. With XLotto, you get a fast and comprehensive overview of all the jobs in the T3E. A manual on XLotto is also available.

A typical XLotto view: XLotto screendump (112 Kb)

How to Use

On the T3E:

XLotto can be executed directly on the T3E. After you have made sure your environment variable DISPLAY points to your X-server, start XLotto by typing

or just
if you have /usr/local/bin in your path.
On Your Workstation:

XLotto can be run locally on your workstation. You can monitor queues, processes, and PE usage on the T3E without having to log into the supercomputer.

Currently the only server responding to XLotto update requests is If you do not are able to reach this machine, you can not run XLotto locally.

To check if you reach, try this link: XLotto Server

See XLotto Home Page for more information about how to run XLotto locally on your workstation.

With your WWW browser:

The T3E status can also be viewed by using a WWW browser. Just direct you browser to

The WWW page is not as dynamic, nor does it present as much information as the XLotto tool does.

More Information

For more information about the XLotto tool, see the XLotto Home Page.

Problems or Suggestions

Do you have any problems using XLotto? Send me an e-mail: Niclas Andersson <>

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