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System software on the Cray T3E

We are running Programming Environment 3.3.0. We have a short summary of 3.3.0 available.

    We have now installed Programming Environment 3.5.0 which you may test. You switch to the new environment with the command
        module switch PrgEnv PrgEnv.3.5.0
    The new environment contains CF90, C++, CrayTools, and CrayLibs Of course, it is always a good idea to recompile the whole program with the same compiler version. It is no problem to use libraries compiled with earlier versions.

    We have earlier installed Programming Environment which you may also test. You switch to that environment with the command
        module switch PrgEnv PrgEnv.3.4.0
    Initial tests indicate that only Fortran 90 modules (not ordinary program units) ought to be recompiled in order to be used in this context. Of course, it is always a good idea to recompile the whole program with the same compiler version. It is no problem to use libraries compiled with earlier versions.

The following are the default versions of the installed programs:

SWS/ION                        6.0
C (cc, Cray Standard C)
C++ (CC)             
Fortran 90, f90      
CF90 Programming Environment
C++ Tools            
C++ MathPack         
MPT                   ( is also available)
pghpf                          2.4-4 
emacs                          19.28.1
perl                           5.004_04 

The Portland Group High Performance Fortran is available in version 2.4-4. The documentation is also available. It is necessary to first give the command "module add hpf" in the Bourne shell. Since the error messages are rather cryptic, I recommend that you first compile with the usual "f90" command (the new intrinsic functions may cause some problems), correct the errors detected, and recompile with the "pghpf" command. Another possibility is to first compile on a Digital UNIX system, which has HPF included in its Fortran 90 compiler.

Our license only permits up to 32 nodes. The PGHPF is not yet fully compliant to the ISO/ANSI Fortran 90 standard, for details on version 2.4 see the release notes.

The present PGHPF 2.4 adds support for debugging with the TotalView debugger along with several other feature and performance enhancements, including some HPF 2 features.

Perl is available, installed on /usr/local/bin

Emacs is available! Those who so wish may open Emacs in a separate window if they before login give the command xhost on the local UNIX work station. After logging in on the T3E another suitable command has to be given; using the c-shell it is setenv DISPLAY before the command emacs.

It is also perfectly possible to use Emacs in the old fashioned way!

The STREAMS feature:

We have modified the default setting so that codes that use E-registers can not simultaneously use STREAMS.

If you only use MPI and/or PVM nothing will change and STREAMS will be enabled.

However, if your code does any of the following you are using E-registers and STREAMS will be disabled by the system:

  • calls the SHMEM library directly
  • use the directive "!DIR$ CACHE_BYPASS"
  • makes direct use of the E-registers
  • is using HPF (since the HPF-library is built on top of SHMEM)

See the main T3E page for more information on streams. The computer is always available except during the possible maintenance periods

  • Mondays between 07.00 and 09.00
  • Thursdays between 16.00 and 20.00

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