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NSC:s Supercomputer SGI 3800

SGI 3800 retired in 2006 and is no longer in production.

NSC:s shared memory supercomputer, a SGI Origin 3800 system, uses ssh and scp for authentification. Please contact support for further information.

Technical details of the SGI 3800 system:

  • Total capacity: 128 GFLOPS peak performance, 128 G Byte shared memory
  • Second generation ccNUMA (cache coherent shared memory) architecture
  • 128 MIPS/RISC processors, each with
    • 1 GFLOPS peak performance
    • 1 G Byte memory
    • 8 M Byte cache memory
  • IRIX operating system
  • LSF batch queue system
  • MPI, PVM, SHMEM and OpenMP for parallelization
  • C, C++, Fortran 77, Fortran 90 (including all Fortran 95 features)
  • System initiated checkpoint restore
  • Third party software including Gaussian 03, Gaussian 98, LS-DYNA3D.
SGI 3800

Links to additional SGI 3000 information

  • Information from SGI

    SGI online documentation

      Check that "IRIX 6.5" is highlighted (click on it if it is not dark green). Search for a topic and go to "table of contents" to read the manual online.

    Performance Tuning for the Origin2000: This excellent document from SGI covers all aspects of the Origin2000, from architecture to performance tools to optimization issues. Most of the information here is valid also for the SGI 3000.

  • External documents

  • Platform Computing: LSF batch system information is available on this Web-site.


We are very interested in getting your feedback from using the system. Send us email to For performance related questions you can also send email directly to

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