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Maui Scheduler


The Maui Scheduler is a advanced job scheduler for cluster systems. It allows site administrators extensive control over which jobs are considered eligible for for scheduling, how the jobs are prioritized, and where these jobs are run. Maui supports advance reservations, QOS levels, backfill, and allocation management.

Its scheduling scheme is based on advanced wall-time reservations with backfill. The main difference from other common batch queue schedulers (e.g. NQS, DQS) is that Maui allows jobs to overtake a job with higher priority if and only if it does not delay the start of the prioritized job (i.e. backfill).


The following commands are available for all users:

showq Shows information about
1) running, 2) idle, and 3) non-queued jobs. Non-queued jobs are jobs that have been submitted to the batch queue system but are not considered eligible to run. These jobs does not gain any queued time priority.
showbf Shows what resources are available for immediate use.
showstart <jobid> Shows the earliest time the queued job <jobid> is elegible to start.
checkjob <jobid> Shows various details about a submitted job. Users are only permitted to see details of jobs they own.


If you have any questions, corrections, additions, or suggestions regarding Maui or this web-page, please contact NSC's helpdesk;

Niclas Andersson

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