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Triolith Inaguration

Triolith Inaguration - January 24, 2013

National Supercomputer Centre (NSC) at Linköping University has, as member of the Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (SNIC), been given the honor to procure and install Sweden's largest supercomputer Triolith (no. 83 on the Top500-list and delivered by HP/GoVirtual) on behalf of the Research Council (VR) and for the benefit of the researchers of Swedish academia. NSC cordially welcomes you as member of its user community to an event at the Linköping University Club marking the inauguration of Triolith. Food and beverages are served during the event. [Your e-mail registration sent to Margareta Klang,, is highly appreciated.]


12:00 Welcome (Patrick Norman/Jacko Koster, NSC/SNIC Director)
12:05 Technical presentation (Niclas Andersson)
12:15 HP/GoVirtual
12:30 User presentations:
 Philipp Schlatter
 Igor Abrikosov
13:00 Inauguration (M. Millnert/H. Dannetun, Director General VR/Rektor LiU)


Linköping University Club, Vallfarten, Campus Valla, Linköping University.

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