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COMSOL is available on Kappa, Cloth and Matter.

Users affiliated with Linköpings universitet may use the Univerity's site-license. Other users need to provide their own licenses and contact to use COMSOL.

COMSOL batch script

NSC provides a basic batch script for running COMSOL jobs here /software/apps/comsol/comsol-batch-script. Feel free to copy and modify it if it does not have all the functionality that you need.


Here is a very short step-by-step guide of how to submit a COMSOL job using the provided script.
  • Upload your COMSOL input file to the cluster.
  • Load the COMSOL module:
    $ module load comsol
  • Submit a batch job. If your input file is named example.mph:
    $ sbatch -t 5:0:0 -N1 /software/apps/comsol/comsol-batch-script example.mph
    • -t 5:0:0 specifies a walltime of 5 hour, modify this as needed.
    • -N1 specifies to run on one compute node. Modify this as needed, but please see warning below.

Using several nodes

Make sure that you test that you actually gain performance if you decide to run COMSOL in parallel using several compute nodes.

Smaller COMSOL jobs may run faster on a single compute node. In this case adding nodes will actually increase the walltime, and waste CPU resources.

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