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SGIs Scientific Computing Software Library

The Scientific Computing Software Library (SCSL) from SGI offers highly optimized math routines for science and engineering on SGI shared memory machines; at NSC these routines are available on Mozart. See the product info from SGI for more details. [here].

The library contains:

  • BLAS
  • Signal processing library with FFTs.
  • Sparse direct solvers.
  • Sparse iterative solvers.

The SCSL is divided into two parts: scs and sdsm. The former contains BLAS, LAPACK, FFT, and solvers and the latter contains ScaLAPACK and BLACS. Both parts are available in integer sizes of 32 bits
and 64 bits
In addition, the library is available in a parallel version, in which the corresponding files are named:

The math routines are linked into your application. If you link an application for a single processor, the link command may look like:

ifort -o myprogram.x myprogram.o -L/usr/lib -lscs -lsdsm
If you link an application for multi-processor usage, the link command may look like:
ifort -o myprogram.x -L/usr/lib myprogram.o -lscs_mp -lsdsm_mp

Resource specifics
On Mozart you can also access SCSL by use of modules. You add the appropriate module with the command:

module add scsl
and your appropriate path to the library will be added to the linker via the variabel LD_LIBRARY_PATH. In this case, you need not to specify the path in the above example.


  • The variable OMP_NUM_THREADS is default set to 1 on Mozart. You must set this variable to the number of processors that you intend to use in the SCSL paralllel library routines.

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