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Technology divisions

  • Cluster computing

    Since 1999, NSC has been designing and building computer clusters based on commodity off-the-shelf (COTS) components, aka. beowulfs. To achieve high performance and stability, it is necessary to keep a continuous close watch on the technology development in the open systems market. Cluster computing is an opportunity to make high performance computing more cost efficient.

  • Grid deployment

    NDGF, Nordic DataGrid Facility


    NSC supports the Nordugrid project.

    Peer-to-peer technologies.

    Ubiquitous computing.

  • Programming and production environments for high performance computing

    Providing high performance resources to many disparate projects and groups requires a stable, well-defined environment which include services such as efficient batch scheduling, accounting, multi-level monitoring. NSC is continuosly developing the user environment, providing users with a more consistent, integrated and easy-to-use environment.

  • Linköping university graphics consortium (LiKAD)

    The consortium for visualization at Linköping University consists of

  • Remote visualization

    Contributing to the development of remote visualization at Silicon Graphics, NSC is participating in the evaluation of Vizserver. Researchers at the university hospital can access the powerful graphics resources physically located at NSC, using the existing network connections.

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