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The HPC Technology Roadmap

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The HPC Technology Roadmap: Status Report 3 (May 8, 2001)

The HPC Technology Roadmap study is in the process of making arrangements for the vendor interviews. Eight vendors have expressed an interest in participating in the study, and interviews will begin in early June, most of them at NSC in Linköping, Sweden. In conjunction with the interviews all vendors have also been offered the opportunity to present their views and visions on the future of HPC in a public seminar. NSC is now working intensively on the preparation of the material upon which the interviews will be based. This material includes parts of the results from the user questionnaire prepared within the Grid Service Requirements study, as well as discussion material focussing on technological issues of future HPC systems.

In parallel to the work at NSC, CSCISM has started to look at the impact of future HPC hardware architectures on the field of computational molecular science, and has also been in contact with vendors. A full assessment of the consequences of future HPC architectures for the key molecular science community cannot be undertaken until results from the vendor interviews at NSC are available.

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