Monday May 11, 1415
Seminar room Planck, IFM, Linköping University
Dr. Peter R. Taylor
Deputy Director, San Diego Supercomputer Center
Chief Applications Scientist and member of the Executive Committee of NPACI.
"Beyond the Cycle Shop: Creating a Computational Infrastructure"
The National Science Foundation's "Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure" program is designed to go beyond the original model of supercomputer centers to foster multi-site partnerships that will develop the infrastructure necessary to support computational science and engineering into the next century. I will discuss the approach taken by one of the two partnerships (the National Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure, NPACI, led by the San Diego Supercomputer Center) to ensure that advances in hardware and software technology are tightly coupled to the needs and activities of applications science and engineering.
 All interested are very welcome!
Joakim Persson (NSC) and Hans Ågren (IFM)