Cray Disc Storage

As a user of the NSC Cray computer T3E you have access to three different areas for your programs and data.

The information below is intended for the NSC academic users. Slightly different rules apply to users from SAAB and SMHI.

In the examples below we assume that you have the user name x_nscnn.

  1. The home directory.

    The home directory /home/x_nscnn or  ~x_nscnn on the T3E is only intended for dot files and other small files.

    The home directory is of course created automatically when your account is created.

  2. The storage directory.

    The storage directory is now /nsc/stor/x_nscnn (or /saab/stor/ for SAAB) and is intended for semi permanent storage of programs and data. Files not used for 14 days are automatically removed.

    Of compatibility reasons also /stor/nsc/ may be used, but is not recommended.

    This area is created automatically on the T3E, it can also if necessary be created by yourselft with the commands

    	cd /nsc/stor
    	mkdir x_nscnn
    It automatically gets full access from the owner and no access for other users. The automatically created directory on the T3E has read access for all, and the access privileges should therefore be modified by the user, if required.

  3. The temporary directory.

    The temporary directory on the T3E is /tmp.mld/jtmp/jtmp.012345a.mld/0031000 (varying name from time to time). It is intended for temporary storage and is recommended for use during compilation and running of programs. You get to it with the command cd $TMP. The data in this temporary directory is automatically removed at the termination of the session.