Cray produces a lot of manuals. The newer ones of these are nowadays available via our special Webserver manul.nsc.liu.se.

Some older manuals, including the Cray Fortran 77 manuals, are only available in an older electronic system, which we call CrayDoc.

This can be used in the following way:

  1. You first check that your UNIX workstation can connect to our file server nscfs.nsc.liu.se

  2. You must permit nscfs to open a window on your workstation, which is achieved with the following command on your workstation
    		xhost +nscfs.nsc.liu.se
    On some systems you have to write
    		/usr/bin/X11/xhost +nscfs.nsc.liu.se
  3. You connect to nscfs with the command
    		telnet nscfs.nsc.liu.se
    The username is craydoc and the password can be obtained by contacting NSC.

  4. Directly after login you have to give the command
    		setenv DISPLAY your.machine.somewhere.se:0.0
    where your.machine.somewhere.se is to be replaced with the complete name of your computer. Please remember to include the final :0.0

  5. You start the CrayDoc program by writing craydoc, which causes a welcoming message to appear for a very short while, followed with a window where you may select the document you wish to read. The left subwindow "Collections" lists the available collections, and the documents available in the selected collection are in the right subwindow "Books".

    Double click on the book of interest, or use the search facility.