Status on the T3E

You can obtain a status picture of the T3E via the Web using the address http://manul.nsc.liu.se/cgi-bin/xusage.

A simpler status information is obtained with the cstat command, similar to the ustat command for the C90. The following script may be fetched with anonymous ftp from our ftp server, the file pub/cray/cstat It looks as follows

	ftp -n ftp.nsc.liu.se <<eof 
	user anonymous anonymous
	get status/t3estat.dat -
When you have fetched the script to your UNIX machine give it the protection codes -rwxr-xr-x and move it to a directory which is included in the search path of all Cray users or create a global alias which executes the script at the command cstat.

The batch jobs on both the C90 and the T3E are obtained via the Web using the address http://www.nsc.liu.se/cgi-bin/craystatus or http://manul.nsc.liu.se/cgi-bin/craystatus for a modernized version.