The "SecurID" system is installed on the Cray T3E. and the SGI 3800. The manufacturers Web site for SecurID is

The SecurID card must be used each time you log in to the SGI or T3E at NSC. This is a security solution based on the concept of one-time passwords which is considered to be among the safest in use today, and thus preventing unauthorized access to NSC computers. The password consists of two parts entered together. The first part is referred to as the PIN code and is chosen by the user at the first login. It should be a string of 4 - 7 lower case alphanumeric chararacters. The second part is the SecurID code, a six digit code from the SecurID card. The SecurID code is changed every 60 seconds, and the password (PIN+SecurID code) is only valid for a short time period.

Contact if you wish to get a "SecurID" card.


When you login for the first time on one of the T3E or the SGI the system will first prompt you for the code from the "SecurID" (give only the six digits from your SecurID card) and then prompt for your own personal PIN-code. At that point you may chose any 4 to 7 lower case alphanumeric characters. PLEASE REMEMBER THE CHOSEN PIN-CODE. The PIN-code should be different for the T3E and the SGI 3800.

On the SGI the system sends a message when asking for the new PIN-code
NEW PIN required; do you wish to continue? (y/n) [n]:
You have to reply to this message with a y and will then be prompted for the PIN-code.

The next time you login you give the two codes together. When you are on the T3E you are prompted
and when you are on the SGI you are prompted

You now give first the PIN-code and then the "SecurID" code, without any space or blank or "ENTER" in between.

On the T3E it is also possible to login by first giving only the "SecurID" code and then be automatically prompted for the PIN-code.

The "SecurID" card is personal.

Since some users have problems with the SGI here follows a longer description:

Please follow this procedure on the SGI:

1) When you log in you will get the following:

Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.

IRIX (sgi3k)

login: x_nscnn                     % Give your username

You should now enter only the number displayed on the SecureID card,
do not include any PIN code at this first login!

2) The system sends a message when asking for the new PIN-code
NEW PIN required; do you wish to continue? (y/n) [n]:

   You have to reply to this message with a "y"

3) After this you will be promted for a PIN which you enter twice and then
   you will be automatically logged out.

4) Wait until the number displayed on the SecureID has changed and then
   log in again.

   This time, at the "Enter PASSCODE:" prompt, you must enter your
   PIN-code + the number displayed, in one sequence, without anything in

   It is not accepted to enter them separately as you can on the T3E.
Another problem may appear, namely that the clocks on the SGI and the SecurID card are not synchronized. The system then tries to synchronize with the command
next Tokencode: Enter PASSCODE:
in which case you wait for the SecurID card to give a new set of digits. You input these (without the PIN code) and everything should work.


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