The new NSC ftp server

We have, as has previously been announced, retired our old Sun 4/370, called nsc.liu.se. All its tasks are now moved to a Sun SPARC with the name nscfs.nsc.liu.se. This also implies that ftp in the future should be to ftp.nsc.liu.se.

The Email-addresses are however not changed, still for example info@nsc.liu.se.

The new ftp server also implies a change in how you get the present status of the Cray C90 jobs.

The following script may be fetched with anonymous ftp from our ftp server, the file pub/cray/ustat

It looks as follows

	ftp -n ftp.nsc.liu.se <<eof 
	user anonymous anonymous
	get status/nscstat.dat -
When you have fetched the script to your UNIX machine give it the protection codes -rwxr-xr-x and move it to a directory which is included in the search path of all Cray users or create a global alias which executes the script at the command ustat.