The fast development of the processing power of high-end PCs and workstations together with the availability of open source operative systems such as Linux have made it possible to build very cost effective parallel computers. With the addition of high band width networks with low latency clusters are challenging conventional commercially available parallel computers. PC-clusters can in many cases yield orders of magnitude in prize performance.

Assembling a cluster is, however, a non-trivial task due to the fast moving PC and workstation market as well as the rapid development of Linux and available tools for clustered computing. The aim of the workshop is to gather together people with experience of PC-clusters in Scandinavia and provide participants with an overview of state of the art PC-clusters. The workshop will address the hardware and software issues encountered during assembly as well as some of the emerging application areas in which PC-cluster have been deployed. We intend to cover the following topics:

  • Update on the latest processor development
  • High-end networks
  • Software tools
  • Benchmarking and tuning
  • MPI programming and optimization
  • Parallel file systems
  • Batch systems
  • Key application areas

We are very pleased to be able to announce that one of the fathers of Beowulf clusters, Donald Becker, CTO and founder of Scyld Computing Corp., will give the workshop keynote address. The complete list of speakers and programme will be available at

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