Experience Virtual Reality
A week of demonstrations
17 - 21 January 2000


Experience Virtual Reality
The demonstrations are part of the NSC 10 Year Anniversary and Onyx2 Inauguration.
If you find this interesting, why not join us working with it?


Come and see leading edge computer graphics technology. Our Onyx2 RealityMonster produces real-time 3D graphics on a six meter wide screen. We will show amazing demos and high-end graphics technology. Your future desktop standard?
  • 12 R10000 250 MHz CPUs
  • 3 InfiniteReality graphics pipes
  • A total of 1 GB texture memory
  • Three projectors and a 6x2 meter screen
  • High resolution graphics (3840x1024 pixels)
It is possible to make a reservation to be sure of a seat. 20 of approximately 25-30 seats can be reserved in advance, so you can always drop in. Demonstrations are given on the following times, duration is approximately 45 minutes:
  • Monday 17 January at 14 and 16
  • Tuesday 18* January at 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15
  • Wednesday 19 January at 9, 11, 14, 16, and 18
  • Thursday 20 January at 9, 11+, 14+, 16, and 18
  • Friday 21 January at 9 and 11
The demonstrations are free of charge.
*On Tuesday, only seats at the 9 o'clock session may be reserved, the other sessions are reserved for the jubilee guests. You are welcome to drop in. +For students at Campus Norrköping we offer free bus ride to Campus Valla on Thursday (see below).
Demonstrations include various flight simulators, including SAABs JAS 39 Gripen. Wow II.5 gives you real-time shadows, reflections and video textures. Dig in to the human body with Visible Human and Visible Woman demonstrating high-end volume rendering. Go from space to face by watching the earth and wind up at a prison cell at Alcatraz. Watch real-time anisotropic reflection/environment mapping on industrial CAD-model cars in the Show room. And a lot more...
For university students at Campus Norrköping we offer a free bus ride to Campus Valla on Thursday, but you must sign-up in advance. Please send e-mail to Patric Ljung, plg@nsc.liu.se before Tuesday 18 to reserve a seat on the bus. Scheduled departure time from Campus Norrköping is Thursday, 10.00. A bus will take you back to Norrköping around 15.00. Will you be on the bus? If you have reserved a seat on the bus you also have a seat on one of the sessions at 11 and 14.
With its combination of 12 CPUs and three fully equiped InfiniteReality this Onyx2 RealityMonster is one of the largest in Europe. The Onyx2 is owned by WITAS, NSC, ITN, IKP, and Linköping University.
From the 17 January through 21 January 2000, daily demonstrations will be given to let you experience leading edge computer graphics technology. Our Onyx2 Reality Monster brings you real-time 3D graphics on a 6 meters wide display. Come and see it in house G (at FOA), follow the directions at location. Don't miss this unique opportunity!
Questions and comments are sent to demo@nsc.liu.se.
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